• Going Python-only and Open Sourcing Flake8 Rules

    Hello! It’s been awhile, friend. There are loads of big new changes that have come to Lintly in the last few weeks. In this post I’d like to talk about those changes as well as my future plans for Lintly.

  • GitLab

    A Lintly update was released last night and it came with one big new feature:

  • CSS/SCSS support

    Happy Valentines Day! Lintly just received a new update that I think you’ll love: CSS and SCSS support! Support for CSS and SCSS comes courtesy of stylelint.

  • JavaScript and Lintly!

    Lintly just received a sweet new feature… JavaScript support! JavaScript support comes courtesy of the excellent JavaScript linter ESLint.

  • Python 3 and Custom Bots

    Lintly received another update was released yesterday evening. The update contains several cool new features, mostly notably (drumroll please)… Python 3 support!

  • Lintly's First Update

    Today Lintly is getting its first update! Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up for the beta so far. Please continue to provide feedback by tweeting to @LintlyCI or creating an issue in GitHub. And if you haven’t signed up yet then head on over to

  • Introducing Lintly

    Welcome to Lintly! The Lintly beta is officially open to public repositories on GitHub. Lintly is a project I have worked on for a few months now, and I’m pretty proud of how it has turned out so far.

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